Since 2010, 1 BLOW has developed a full range of linear PET blow-moulding machines, with very compact dimensions, in accordance with the various demands of its customers :

  • Outputs from 1000 up to 9000 bottles per hour

  • For standard round and square bottles

  • For oval or asymmetrical bottles

  • For bottles with neck orientation, using standard preforms (for example mayonnaise, ketchup, sauces, …)

  • For Hot Fill bottles


1 BLOW supports you during your entire project in order to optimize your investment, without compromising the quality of our scope of supply.

1 BLOW gives you the possibility to re-use your existing moulds without investing in new moulds !

All 1 BLOW machines are basically equipped with an air recovery system, so that no external 7 bar air supply is needed.

The power recovery system also contributes to reduce the power consumption.

1 BLOW helps you reducing your investment and the TCO of your PET blow-moulding machine ; you could enjoy this like all our customers worldwide !